We All Need To Do Our Part

There are countless people who serve the Roaring Run Watershed Association with vast and varied talents.  One of the best ways to help out though is through membership.  Membership is a very direct and tangible way to “do your share”.  Your membership dollars help us to continue to Conserve, Protect and Enjoy this wonderful resource.


Fill this form out only if you intend on paying for your membership online with a credit card.

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  1. Mail In Membership:  Print and fill out this form to send with your printed check payable to:

  2. Roaring Run Watershed Association

  3. at

  4. P.O. Box 333,

  5. Apollo, PA  15613

  1. Membership LeVELS:

  2. Individual - $10

  3. Family - $25

  4. Individual Life - $100

  5. Business/Org - $50