Newsletters are mailed right to your home if you are a member of the RRWA.  In order to keep costs down though, they are printed in black & white.  However, you can also read them on line, with full color versions of the photos, right here.  Just click on the picture or the title of the newsletter below (you should also have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.)

Mailed right to your home

1.Trail Extension Update

2.Roaring Run Fishing Tournament

3.Burgundy Run Discharge Field Meeting

4.RRWA Partners with Natural Biodiversity for Native Habitat Development

5.New Welcome Sign Installed

6.Strongland’s Mountain Bike Race held at Roaring Run

7.Conemaugh Valley Conservancy West Penn Trail System

8.Rock Furnace Trail Bridge Project

9.Cowanshanock Trail Opening

10. RRWA’s Mountain Biking/Hiking Trail

11. RRWA Loses a Great Friend and Supporter

12. RRWA’s Annual Banquet

1.Strongland Mountain Bike Race

2.RRWA Annual Banquet

3.Memorial Flower Garden

4.River Sweep

5.Alle-Kiski River Sojourn

6.Stonycreek Sojurn

7.The Biddle Iron Furnace

8.Raid at Roaring Run

9.Kiosks Installed at Trailheads

10. Roaring Run Trail Extension

11. Martin Portal Stream Erosion Project

12. Fishing Tournament

13. Help Build the Bridge

Trail Dust, Winter 06.pdf

1.RRWA Fishing Tournament

2.Discarded Tires Recycled

3.Mountain Bike Trails Volunteers

4.Native American Trails

5.Strongland Mountain Bike Race

6.RRWA’s Mountain Bike Trail

7.Rock Furnace Iron

8.Did You Know

9.RRWA Membership

10.Where Are They Now

11.RRWA Banquet

12.Road Trip 2005

13.Natural Resources Recovery and Trail Expo

14.Rock Furnace Bridge Project

15.Autumn:  Blood of the Great Bear

16.2005-2006 Officers Elected

17.Schedule of Events

18.RRWA Receives Growing Greener Grant

19.New Board Members Elected for 2006 – 2007

20.Blast on Pine Run

21.And That’s Why It Is Named

Trail Dust, Winter/Spring 04.pdf

1.Present Rock Furnace Trail as seen by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

2.Trail Closing

3.Fall Tree Hike

4.Banquet News

5.Ground A-Salt

6.New Board Members

7.Old Road 2

8.RRWA Receives Governor’s Award

9.What the Dickens

10.RRWA Featured on

11.Girl Scouts at Roaring Run

12.Aluminum Can Recycling

13.Westmoreland Earth Day 2004

14.RRWA Thanks All Those Who Have Helped

15.Renew RRWA Membership

16.Land Acquisition Update

17.Your School’s Watershed Manual

18.2004 Schedule of Events


20.Oil in Freeport

21.Native Biodiversity Conservation Program

Trail Dust, Fall/Winter 04.pdf

1.Rock Furnace Trail/Roaring Run Trail Parking Lot Completed

2.Roaring Run Trail

3.Frontier Danger

4.New Board Member

5.The Saltsburg Coal Company

6.Hurricane Ivan Hits Roaring Run

7.2004 Kiski River Fishing Tournament Canceled

8.Rock Furnace Trail

9.Brownstown Road Entrance – Parking Lot

10.Mountain Biking – Past, Present & Future

11.RRWA Membership – Time to Renew

12.The First

13.The Main Line Canal

14.RRWA Says “Thanks!”

Trail Dust, Winter/Spring 03.pdf

1.The Martin Portal Project

2.Macroinvertebrate Collecting

3.Preserving Nature’s Gift

4.Armstrong County’s New Learning Environment

5.Banquet News

6.Life Returns to Trux Discharge

7.Invasive Species

8.RRWA says “Thanks!”

9.Land Acquisition

10.RRWA Membership – Time to Renew

11.Fishing Tournament

12.Rock Furnace

13.(AMD) Abandoned Mine Drainage

14.2003 Schedule of Events

Trail Dust, Spring 02.pdf

1.Fishing Tournament Successful

2.Success Story: Leechburg Recycles

3.Shining Star Awarded

4.Volunteers Needed

5.RRWA Web Site

6.Maintenance Endowment Established

7.Know Your Watershed Day

8.Land Acquisition

9.RRWA says “Thanks!”

10.Banquet News

11.Cutting Rails for RRWA

12.Growing Greener Update

13.New Recycling Site

14.Wildflower Garden

15.PA Cleanways Donates Trees

16.2002 Schedule of Events

17.The Great Tire Roundup

18.Earth Day 2002

1.25th Anniversary Banquet

2.Rock Furnace Trail & Bridge Dedication

3.New RRWA Brochures Available Soon

4.RRWA New Logo

5.Trux Discharge Pipe Cleanout

6.RRWA Recycles Tires Again

7.RRWA New Website

8.Syd & Jake’s Walk a Thon

9.Electronic Recycling

10. RRWA BiMonthly Meeting

11. RRWA Annual Meeting Notice

  1. 12.Kiskiminatas RIver Access Project Update

  2. 13.Aluminum Can Recycling Bin

  3. 14.LongtIme Director Resigns

  4. 15.Roaring Run Trail Toilet Facility

  5. 16.New Director William Frasier

Newsletter Gets a New Look This Issue!

1.Roaring Run Trail Phase V to be Completed this Summer

2.Native Planting Project at Flat Run Falls

3.Alien Life Form Invades Roaring Run

4.RRWA Membership

5.25th Anniversary Fishing Tournament

6.Roaring Run Trail Landslide

7.If Looks Could Kill...

8.Tour de Strongland Off-Road Bicycle Race

9.CVC and RRWA Bike Trek

10. Volunteers Needed to Help Trail

11. Canoe / Kayak Launch

  1. 12.Roaring Run Gets WHIPped

  2. 13.Burgandy-Trux AMD Remediation Project

1.Roaring Run Trail Phase V Completed!

2.Connecting the Trails: The Future

3.Trail Extension Ribbon Cutting

4.Adopt-A-Trail Update

5.New Trail Restroom... When you gotta go!

6.Trail Maintenance Equipment Purchased

7.Tour de Strongland Off-Road Bicycle Race

8.2009 Kiski River Fishing Tournament

9.Roaring Run Farmland Preservation Award

10. RRWA Mobile Display Board

11. RRWA Planning The Annual Picnic

  1. 12.Ways You Can Help Your Watershed