The RRWA currently owns and maintains 653 acres; a vast area that began with a “seed” of 1.5 miles donated by Kovalchik Salvage of Indiana.  This was the beginning of a legacy of volunteer and government “partnerships” in raising funds for the preservation and maintenance of this precious resource.  This has been accomplished through grants from private foundations, PA DCNR, and local support from members and friends of the RRWA.  Various individuals have purchased honorary "deeds" for 1, 1/2, or 1/4 acre plots or have donated to the land acquisition fund. 

We will continue to purchase land if it fits in our program and as long as the Acquisition Fund can pull in the needed resources.  All of the land is open to the public year-round, from dawn to dusk.

Progress Over Time

  1. Bullet1991:  1.5 original miles of former rail-road corridor donated by Kovalchick Salvage of Indiana, PA

  2. Bullet1993:  62 acre parcel through the mouth of Roaring Run was purchased using a grant from the Arcadia Foundation

  3. Bullet1996:  202 acres running through the heart of the Roaring Run Valley was purchased using grants from private foundations, PA DCNR, and local support (translate “memberships”) from members and friends of the RRWA

  4. Bullet2004:  280 additional acres along the Kiski River Corridor were acquired from funds once again provided by private foundations, PA DCNR, and local support.  This brought the RRWA property holdings to 653 acres, allowing for the extension of the Roaring Run Trail to the village of Edmon